SEO Service

Netguru Solution is one of the most reputed name in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing. Our success rate is approx 95%, which is the excellent record in the field of web promotion and marketing service.
Success Rate: 4.8 out of 5.
Project completed 914 (including backend outsourced projects).
Search Engine Optimization

For any business website, getting a top rank in search engine is the major objective. It will help them to expose their product or service to the target client base. In addition, it will generate revenue by selling their product and service.

SEO is the technique which will help the website to get better rank in search engines like, Google search, Yahoo Search and Bing Search.

Netguru Solution is the top SEO company of India, based in Pune. Our team is experienced and extremely capable to optimize any website in any keyword. In addition, our research team is continuously working on finding the most targeted keyword for any particular business, so that our clients can get the most of the search clicks.

Website impression and clicks are important, but the most important aspect of any business is sales. Thus, to maximize the revenue, our search engine marketing experts continuously analyze the competitors strategy and suggest the best marketing strategy to our clients.

SEM Service

Search engine marketing is a technique which optimizes the web marketing strategy. Research and selection of popular keyword, targeting the popular search engine, investment strategy in the better performing mode of online promotion is a part of it. Apart from SEO service, our team also helps our client to understand the web promotion strategy. We suggest them and split their web promotion cost to target their client. It includes, PPC (adwords), Video Ads, Organic ranking and web banner promotion.

Team of Netguru Solution has years of experience in SEM, thus we can help you to find the best mode of promotion medium for you to satisfy your objective of web promotion services.

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Importance of Digital Promotion

Digital Promotion is a technique to promote any business, product, service in digital platforms. We all are surrounded with digital machines. Our mobile, tablets, computers and laptops are the best example of digital devices. Like us, millions of other people are using these digital devices for communication, to play games, to watch videos and to gain the information. Thus, for a smart marketer, it is important to design their marketing strategy by considering these digital devices.

Design and development of desktop and mobile website, or mobile application is just a first step. They need to get promoted on various digital platforms, like search engines, social media, mail and SMS marketing, etc. To promote the business, product or service, the marketer need an expert advice. In this scenario, Netguru Solution will help them to create a good digital marketing strategy, as well as promote their brand, service and product in digital platforms. Our team is expert in digital promotion, which includes SEO, SEM, social media marketing.

Digital Promotion