IT Outsourcing

Netguru Solution is one of the fastest growing brand in the field of IT Outsourcing. Our success rate is approx 87%, which is the excellent record in the field of IT Outsourcing.
Success Rate: 4.2 out of 5.
IT Professional outsourced 1914 (including L1, L2, L3 IT professionals).
IT Outsourcing Pune

Information technology is a backbone for any organization. Thus, they required experienced IT professionals on permanent or temporary basis. It is easy to hire IT professionals on permanent role. But, for short term IT project, it is very difficult for any organization to hire skilled IT professional on short term contract. To overcome this problem, Netguru Solution provides IT Outsourcing services in Pune, PCMC, and nearby localities.

We have a skilled team to select and recruit IT professionals for our client organizations on short-term contract. If your organization is a startup or existing organization, and require L1, L2 or L3 IT professionals to complete any IT related project, feel free to contact Netguru Solution.

IT Outsourcing for Software and Mobile Application Development

For any organization, mobile application development and customized software development is the major priority. In addition, minor update on existing software and mobile application is the another major concern for the organization. But, hiring an IT professional on a permanent basis is an expensive deal. Thus, Netguru Solution offers IT Outsourcing services to those organizations.

Our company is based in Pune, which is a major IT hub. Thus, it is easy to manage the database of IT professionals of various skill levels. And, whenever our client organizations request us to provide IT professionals for short-term, our team conducts the interview round to select the IT professionals and hire the IT-Engineers with the right skill-set.

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IT Outsourcing for Government Organizations

Like public and private sectors, government operated sectors also require to hire IT professionals on a short term basis or contract basis to develop and upgrade their software and mobile apps. In addition, they also require data entry operators to complete their short term goals. Moreover, also for them it is not practical to recruit IT professionals on a permanent role to complete short term projects. Netguru Solution also helps Gov. authorities, and help them to complete their short term projects.