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November 21, 2009


NetGurusolution Offshore Development

Outsource, Offshore Web Design Website Development and SEO Outsourcing : Outsourcing is sending out work to an outside provider or manufacturer in order to cut costs. One of the main reasons for the popularity of outsourcing is lower cost or to cut cost. Companies save as much as 60 percent of their cost every year outsourcing back-office work, points out the National Association of Software and Service Companies.

If you are in search of offshore website design and web development partner or planning to outsource web design and web programming, NETGURUSOLUTION INDIA one of the Topest Software and SEO Consultent in INDIA can manage your needs and help you or your company to focus more on marketing and build your business to the next level, providing quality work in less time at attractive prices. Please Contact Us for outsourcing to us.

NETGURUSOLUTION Offshore Company in INDIA is a SEO,custom website design and web site development services company specializing in designing various types of websites for small or corporate businesses. We have been committed to serve our clients as well as our outsourcing partners in various web site design, graphic design and website development projects. May it be coding for a web site design from scratch or redesigning an existing web site, our experienced professionals dedicate their time, effort and skill to it.

We design and develop websites that are creative, original and easy to navigate. We work closely with our customers and outsourcing web design development partners step by step from conceptualization to website content development to final launch of your website. We are committed in providing quality website development services and solutions within your budget meeting the tight deadlines. We focus on your goals and ways at every step to achieve them, utilizing the right technology, effective website design and marketing effort.

We provide wide range of web services including small business web site design, dynamic web programming, custom website development, CMS ( Content Management System ), e-commerce solutions, internet marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc. We provide quality service at a very reasonable, affordable price. The other factor that affects any business is time. We value your time and work hard to meet the deadlines.

A vast range of professional website design services, outsource web design services and search engine marketing services include e-commerce web site design, database driven catalogue, shopping cart and secure online payment. We also develop membership, community and dating websites, portals, educational website and government websites, all at an affordable price.

Our qualified team of SEO Experts,web programmers, website designers, website marketers and website analysts work with the clients step by step fulfilling their web needs. They have an extensive experience of nearly a decade in the relevant field and have designed more than 1500 websites. Our design and programming team has been involved in numerous web development projects since 2006.

Web Hosting & Domain registrations:
We offer web hosting and domain name registration. We know how important it is to find the right web hosting service for your website. We can provide you with the best web hosting solution at a much reduced price.

Internet Marketing:
Once your website is on the internet, it is important to let people know of your existence. We help you in internet marketing by submitting it in various search engines. Since search engines are the most popular way people find your website, we optimize your website according to that, known as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Along with SEO, we also provide other internet marketing services.

eCommerce is the easiest solution for anyone who wants to launch their product or services online. May it be for a small business or a corporate one, NETGURUSOLUTION can help you with the e-commerce solutions. The entire process consists of planning, designing, implementation, in-depth understanding and support for your Internet storefront.

Web / Internet Services:
NETGURUSOLUTION Offshore INDIA has been successfully designing and delivering scalable, affordable websites for small business and companies as well as web site design projects outsourced by our clients, based in USA, UK, Australia and other parts of the world. We have been successful in satisfying our clients’ needs and have been working on a regular basis for them. With a team of professional designers, programmers who have 8+ years of experience in web site design, website development, graphic design and web programming catering all types of business companies, we request you to fill up the free, no obligation quote. We invite you to view our custom website design portfolio and professional website design portfolio to further emphasize our services.


Outsourcing SEO - On Page Optimization

On-Page factors are related directly to the content and structure of the website. This normally consists of pages written in the HyperText Markup Language but also applies to other document formats that are indexed by search engines, for example Microsoft Word or PDF formats. On-page optimization involves modifying keyword frequency in the URL, Title, Headings, Hypertext Links and Body text. It may also involve reducing redundant HTML codes (aka cruft) produced by Web page authoring tools and restructuring the site to produce better linked and focussed page content.

Many search engines now discount the weight given to on-page factors because they give too much scope for abuse by SEO experts. In theory the visible parts of a web-page are less prone to manipulation as they have to make sense to readers. However doorway pages with redirections and clever use of style sheets enable different content to be served to search engines and end users.

Each page should target between two and four keywords directly related to the contents. If you feel the need for more keywords then consider splitting your content into separate pages. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) should contain keywords, separated by hyphens without being too long, around 128 characters is probably a sensible upper limit for the entire URL. The Title tag should contain the keywords with no stop words but arranged to make sense.

    <TITLE>On Page Optimization</TITLE>

This should be the first tag in the Head section of the page. There is evidence that search engines give more weight to factors higher up the page. The content should be properly structured with the use of Heading (H1, H2, H3 etc) tags containing relevant keywords. Search-engines will only index a limited amount of text in HTML tags and using too many keywords will dilute the focus. Don't spam any of these tags, this won't be effective and could result in a penalty.

Many website designers spend a lot of time creating Keyword and Description meta tags. Although these may be read by search engines, for example the description tag is used by Yahoo! to provide a short description of the site in the Search Engine Results Pages, they are not used for ranking pages.

    <META NAME="description" content="Optimizing On-Page Factors for Search Engine">

Personally I don't bother with them as they bulk out pages for little real benefit. Both Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search will use the text they find on the page as a description so make sure your first header and sentence describe the contents. However some search engine watchers say that the new Microsoft search engine, currently in beta tests, puts some weight on meta-tags. There is also evidence to suggest that search engines give more prominence earlier in the page and some engines will only index a limited amount of body text so making the first paragraph punchy is a good idea.

Image alternate-text tags (ALT tags) are only indexed where the image is part of a hyperlink. However ALT tags are useful for non-graphical browsing and should be employed correctly.

    <IMG ALT="Description of Image" SRC="image.jpg">

Comments are not indexed. Use bold/strong/italic attributes where appropriate.

Write natural copy aimed at the end user and not search engines. Don't worry too much about keyword density for the contents but take the opportunity to include keywords combined in different phrases and orders and create anchor text to related internal pages. Keep the number of links to fewer than 50, and probably less and don't repeat identical outbound-links. Theme related pages should be at the same level in the site hierarchy and be linked through the site's menu structure and site map. At least one page at the same level should link back to the home page so that search engines that have traversed a deep-link can index the rest of the website.

For any other document format, e.g. PowerPoint, Adobe PDF etc make sure you at least have a descriptive document title. Try to avoid formats that search engines find hard to understand, even where a search engine can index a format it will carry less information than plain old HTML. Avoid using images to replace text, except occasionally in hyperlinks. Avoid formats such as flash, shockwave and sitemaps where there is no alternative text. Avoid HTML Frames which some search engines find hard to navigate, use Style Sheets (CSS) instead. Style Sheets should also be used to reduce the amount of formatting within documents. Keep pages to less than 100 kilobytes and preferably not much more than a screen full of text. Where Javascript or Flash menus are used include plain-text links at the bottom of the page. These will ensure all search engines index the rest of your website.

Other factors directly under the control of the website is the amount of content. Large websites generally rank better than small websites for a number of reason. Search engines also like fresh content and will spider this more frequently. A regularly updated news page, even a blog, can provide deep links to the rest of the website.


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Web Design is more than just the look and feel of your web site. This all encompassing field certainly encompasses the graphics of your web pages, but in most cases, the graphics can come last. Good Web Design begins with your web sites functionality, your audience, and engineering of your site's framework.

A typical web designer will take into account your own branding and identity, but a qualified and adept designer will know about the development after the images have left the drawing board and become processed and ultimately your functioning web site.

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